Chance, Hope, Freedom, Opportunity, and a Bright Future: 40 Tons x Good Green Empowering Communities Through Cannabis Advocacy


When you think of 40 Tons, words like chance, hope, freedom, opportunity, and future come to mind. This exceptional organization is driven by their advocacy for Corvain Cooper, a father, brother, son, and friend who was unjustly sentenced to a life sentence without parole for a non-violent cannabis “offense” on June 18, 2014. Thanks to a last-minute clemency granted by former President Donald Trump on January 20, 2021, Corvain was finally released. However, well before his own release, 40 Tons had already taken up the mantle to fight for the thousands of individuals facing incarceration for non-violent cannabis convictions, just like Corvain.

40 Tons has invested its efforts back into the community through various initiatives such as Expungement Clinics, Community Workshops, and Career Fairs. Attending their last career fair held in Trenton, New Jersey in 2022 was a remarkable experience. The event was sponsored by Simply Pure Trenton, a franchisee of Simply Pure, the country’s first black-owned dispensary based in Colorado. Witnessing the impact 40 Tons had on minority communities was inspiring. 

Over 1,100 members of the Trenton, NJ community attended the fair..The direct community investment provided by 40 Tons goes beyond expectations. By offering haircuts, headshots, resume assistance, and connections with potential employers, especially in an industry that has caused so much harm, 40 Tons uplifts and empowers individuals in an unparalleled way.

Additionally, the upcoming conference in Chicago on Juneteenth sounds significant and timely. Juneteenth, celebrated on June 19th, commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States. Holding a conference on this day can serve as a platform to discuss and address issues of racial equity, social justice, and economic empowerment within the cannabis industry.

It’s wonderful to see organizations like “40 Tons” taking proactive steps to promote diversity, inclusion, and opportunities for marginalized communities within the cannabis sector.

“Level Up” Career Conference & Business Expo.The conference will offer more than your average career fair, providing hands-on education, workshops, essential resources, and a curated networking reception. It’s an opportunity to connect diverse and talented job seekers while giving back to the community.

Attendees of the Level Up conference will have access to valuable resources and services, including resume development and LinkedIn optimization, educational classes and engaging workshops, an expungement clinic to assist individuals with convictions, professional headshots, haircuts, and partnerships with helpful resources.

Here’s why job seekers should make it a priority to attend the Level Up Career Conference:

  1. Speak directly with multiple company representatives in one day, enhancing your chances of finding the right opportunity.
  1. Network with companies actively seeking qualified candidates and connect with like-minded professionals.
  1. Receive instant feedback on your resume by speaking directly with hiring managers.
  1. Participate in classes and workshops designed to elevate your career and provide valuable insights.

The Level Up Career Conference will feature several companies offering positions, internships, and opportunities. Some of the notable companies attending include 40 Tons Careers, Green Thumb Industries, Ascend Wellness, WriteSea, Brand Resumes, Engin Sciences, United Center, Tetragram, Fully Baked, Westside Justice Center, and more.

In summary, 40 Tons is a force for change, bringing chance, hope, freedom, opportunity, and a brighter future to communities impacted by unjust cannabis policies. Through their advocacy, career fairs, and community workshops, they are dismantling barriers and empowering individuals who were previously disenfranchised. The Level Up Career Conference is an event not to be missed—a chance to network, gain valuable resources, and take your career to new heights.

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