Urkle Is Back And ‘Purpl’ Actor Jaleel White: Launches Cannabis Brand ‘ItsPurpl’


‘ItsPurpl’ Logo & Alternate Logo

“Did I do that?!” The famous byline almost every black household sat in their living rooms waiting to hear. Former ‘Family Matters’ star Jaleel White is bringing back that same nostalgia with his company ItsPurpl. A partnership with 710 Labs White revealed to Forbes.

In search of one of the legacy cultivars ‘Purple Urkle’ from the early 2000s. White noticed that there was no one else specifically focusing on and providing purple flower. Ironically enough. Purple strains tend to be fan favorites. From GDP, Purple Haze, Purple Punch, Grape Ape, and the famous Purple Urkle. The series of Purple Urkle products they’ll produce will include flower (eighths), vape pens with 710 Labs’ proprietary live resin pods, as well as Noodle Doinks (pre-rolls), a fat, hand-rolled joint that uses fusilli noodles as the crutch (filter). 

White’s love for cannabis and friendship with 710 Labs’ founder Brad Melshenker, which formed organically over the years after brushing shoulders on a flight, brought him to the industry. One that he’s been eyeing for several years. Being the connoisseur and foodie he is, we look forward to seeing the creations on the culinary and edible side of things to come from ‘ItsPurpl’. White’s insatiable sweet tooth and what he does to satisfy it has us excited. Seeking thoughtfully curated treats in which the ingredients have to be Googled usually, hit the spot. An infused experience is in order. 

Your favorite quirky, clumsy, nasally nerd goes from your TV screen to Big Green, well ‘purpl’ in this case. And we think he’s here for good this time after a long hiatus.

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